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  True to form, Del Castillo rocked the audience Saturday night May 27 2006 at Stubb's Bar-B-Que in Austin. The band which is currently under contract to  Bill Ham's "Lone Wolf Productions", the Texas agency that handles  ZZ  TOP, among others, is on an extensive US tour showcasing their unique brand of rock music.

Led by brothers Rick and Mark Del Castillo, the band dishes up a plate full of steaming Tex-Mex style Rock Music. An amazing rhythm section consisting of drummer Mike Zeoli, percussionist Reverend Rick Holman, and former "to die for lead guitarist" , now on bass guitar,  Albert Besteiro provide an amaizing and rare, solid foundation for the Del Castillo Brothers to showcase their incredible virtuoso guitar pickin' talent.  Legendary lead vocalist and frontman Alex Ruiz tops off this ensemble with a stage presence that is honest, invigorating and passionate.

If you get a chance to catch this band live...well.............. 


......BREAKING NEWS.......


Latest statistics are in for the month of April 2006. Drewswebsite and Ribticklinvideos recieved over 11,000 hits from 71 countries. Also getting a significant  number of hits was the Rockinghouserecords website. In the not too distant future I will be merging Rockinghouserecords with the new DeadOnRecords.com website, which is still in it's infancy.


Just in from outstanding musician and music-video-guy from Vancouver,BC, Dee Long, that he has  released his new album, "Welcome To The Future".  He will be on tour this summer with 12 dates in Toronto booked. Future dates to be announced. Read more by following the link.



If you dig that South Texas vibe, former South Padre Island Network drummer Phil Hill has been hitting the licks for the Valley's latest musical sensation, The Bongodogs. Follow this link to check them out: www.bongodogs.com

Also, just in from South Padre Island, Texas: The Bongodogs held their CD release party the end of April. A large enthusiastic crowd turned out for the Beach Concert buying an impressive number of copies of the new CD, "Viva Caliche". Follow the link further down the page and get your copy now!

Del Castillo has released a new CD, entitled, "BROTHERHOOD". The new album features 14 new tunes and a special guest appearance by the ORIGINAL OUTLAW MUSICIAN,

 Wille Nelson

follow the Del Castillo link further on down the page.

I've added a couple new websites: ArmadilloSpeakers.com  is up and running with audio samples and lots of piks of a couple custom amp/speaker setups.

Dead on Records is slowly but surely coming to life... The website will feature cutting edge music by Independent Artists who refuse to kiss corporate ass..

Send me your independently produced CD for a free world wide web  listing !  

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FEB 2006:  Hats Off to Chuck Berry ! The 79 year old "Father of Rock & Roll" brought his totally authentic music to Austin last week. And "DUCK WALKED" across the stage twice! He even took a piano solo. And talk about spankin the plank. There is none other. He used 2 late 60's silver face Fender Dual Showmans with what looked to be a Gibson ES 335. No reverb. no effects, no pedals. Just 200 watts of pure Fender Tube tone.. Amazing

    Also going on!  

I've added several new videos to the RibTicklinVideos website, including a new Swartzenegger on Conan OBrien as well as an appearance by Saddam Hussein. Also, a brand new video from Mad TV's Bobby Lee, in the role of "Tank". Freakin hilarious, truly RT!




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