This morning I was thinking as I was walking to work how mankind is actually one body. As one body we have different members. Within these members we have cells. It is the responsibility of the body to care for itself by feeding it to make sure that all the cells and members are fed properly. However we have a problem. We have some members that donít cooperate so it makes it difficult to get the proper nutrition to the whole body. Then within many of the members there are cells which are cancerous and instead of helping are actually hurting the body and there are other cells that are gluttonous and absorb an excess amount of the nutrition the body is receiving. So it is quite simple to have a healthy body we have to remove the cancerous cells and stop the glutinous cells from taking the nutrition that is needed for the rest of the body. Once that is done the rest of the members within the body should feel better and then be able to work better together. Unfortunately the body also has a virus that is not so easily cured. That virus is called greed. Greed does not care for the rest of the body and in effect hurts the whole of the body. The only way to fight that virus though is with the antidote of love. Because love does not know greed and would care for the body as a whole. It is in constantly exercising the act of love that the body will eventually reach its prime condition and harmony. So get out there and do some serious exercise.

 G. Miguel Perez-Santalla


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