I have a great collection of  music videos, not MTV crap, but rather, real live musicians caught on tape making real live music! I just can't help but share these with you,

music lovers of the world!

The picture is small and the audio isn't the greatest in the world ( highly compressed file format), but the vibe is strong and true. You won't find any lip syncing baloney here, only real heart and soul players, playing their hearts out for you!

These files are for viewing only and are not downloadable. They are posted here for artist promotional purposes only. If you want a high quality copy of anything you see here, I suggest that you contact the appropriate artist. All copyrights retained by original copyright holders.


  1. ZZ Top         at Eric Clapton's  Crossroads 2004  Concert  in Dallas Texas

  2. Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble   live in Austin,TX

  3. The Blues From Hanger 1  featuring Mike Milligan on harmonica

  4. Del Castillo Live In Austin, Texas

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