A few months ago Chase Bank/ JP Morgan began running a credit card commercial in the US on cable. The music bed was a John Lennon song called "All You Need Is Love".  It was a recut version and it sounded like shit. I released a statement to chase and posted the following notice on drewswebsite. I also contacted every BEATTLES FANSITE I COULD find on the net. As far as I can tell, Chase has stopped running the ad...if not we will hit them again.... only harder!! Here's the original statement:

Chase Bank is currently running a credit card commercial using The Beatles " All You Need Is Love" as the background music track. If you think this is exploitive and inappropriate please email them at their own abuse address. Copy and paste the text below if you like.   

I object to the use of " All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles being used as background music in the "Choose Chase" commercial to sell your services. I am therefore boycotting JP Morgan/ Chase Bank and any and all of its' affiliates, as well as contacting as many people as I know about this gross disrespect for one of the greatest songs ever written."



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